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In a July 22nd op-ed in the New York Times, authors Paulina Villegas and Victoria Burnett find it impossible to get beyond the very first sentence without telling an egregious lie.  While the piece focuses on migrant workers working legally in the United States, it is predicated on the false notion that there are jobs that “few Americans want to do”.


This oft repeated lie has been the basis to allow a flood of both legal and illegal economic into the United States for decades.  Liberal social justice activists, establishment politicians and the companies they represent are and have been for years, addicted to the high rate of profit that economic migrants provide.


During former President Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House, immigration into the United States increased sharply.  This happened due to a combination of a lack of enforcement of current immigration laws as well as massive increases in economic visas handed out to foreign workers.  


In the United States, about 3.5 million students graduated high school in 2016.  Of those students that chose not to enroll in college, unemployment was at an astonishingly high 19.3%.  Of those enrolled in college, approximately 3.9 million students graduated with a 2-year degree or better.  In addition to the number of American citizens entering the job market are the number of work visas granted to foreign citizens enabling to work in the United States.  In 2016, 295,140 C-1D work visas (this visa is issued to airline and cruise ship workers) were granted, 180,057 H-1B work visas were granted (this is for specialty and ‘high-skilled’ workers), 242,253 ‘immediate relative’ visas were granted to those of working age, 45,664 ‘diversity’ visas were issued (to citizens of foreign countries with low rates of immigration to the United States), 14,817 ’employment-based preference’ visas (those deemed to have “exceptional abilities” and hold advanced degrees but also includes unskilled labor) were granted (not including clergy, those serving the US government abroad and also not including those that invest $1 million or more as capital in US businesses as is required in the case of the E5 visa), 339,712 J-1 visas for seasonal workers and 482,033 visas for students were granted for a total influx of (approximately) 1.6 million foreign workers legally injected into the labor market.  


On top of this massive number is the staggering figure that there are approximately 8 million unauthorized workers currently in the U.S. workforce


While the current U.S. unemployment rate stands at 4.3% as of May 2017, this seemingly low number fails to take into consideration that 95 million people have left the labor force.  This is a troublesome number because looking at it closely draws a parallel between the amount of foreign labor injected into the market and the amount of unemployed or underemployed U.S. citizens.  However, looking at it closely just isn’t in the “social justice”/Establishment media realm.  Instead, according to sites like CNBC, the reason that 95 million people are out of the job market is:


with factors divided between an aging and rapidly retiring workforce, a skills gap that leaves job openings unfilled, and the nettlesome problem of too many people who find it’s just easier to collect welfare and other transfer payments rather than go back to work”  (emphasis added)

Nowhere in that CNBC article is foreign labor mentioned.  At all.  Not once.  It’s as if they just chose to ignore it, or perhaps had an agenda in their reporting that prevented all of the facts from being discussed.  Also not mentioned is the United States’ current “free trade” policy that finds workers in the United States (where the Federal minimum wage is currently $7.25 with some states up to $10 or more) competing against workers in foreign nations that have no minimum wage requirements.  The average hourly wage in the United States is approximated at $23.32 while in China, it is approximated at $1.36. (Companies like Foxconn pay slightly more, with an average wage of just below $2 an hour.)  Instead, it’s because 95 million formerly employed people find it’s “too easy to collect welfare” rather than having productive lives in jobs that pay well in sectors in which wages haven’t been deflated by a flood of cheap labor.  Presumably, anyway – if CNBC were to be believed.


Unfortunately for the facts, the authors of the New York Times piece don’t mention ANY of these numbers nor do they take the time to present the obvious answer to the hypothesis they put forward.  There are no jobs that ‘few’ Americans want to do.  What exists are deflated wages in labor sectors of the U.S. economy and those deflated wages exist because American corporations and the American economy as a whole are addicted to cheap labor that drives higher earnings.  Earnings that are passed on to company management, boards, stockholders, and investors.  Earnings that are sucked out of the economy and stockpiled elsewhere.


Living conditions for the carnival workers mentioned in the article, like most of the housing supplied to migratory workers, is absolutely deplorable.  But when importing the type of legal and cheap economic migratory labor as well as offering support for illegally imported labor that our economy is addicted to – no one cares.  No one cares so employers can neglect the wages and conditions of their workers with abandon.  As “social justice” activists clamor over themselves to show support for a mandated “living wage” they also support deflated wages, imported labor, worse working conditions and shuttering of entire businesses for the sake of foreign workers.


If foreign workers were reduced or removed from the equation entirely, wages would increase due to the supply and demand effect of a free market.  Why do the writers never bother to ask proper questions in this article?  The question, “Why do you need your labor costs so low? and Why can’t your business keep up with higher labor costs demanded by American workers” is never even asked of the carnival owners, instead the owner of Murray Brothers is only quoted about the shortage of foreign labor.  The fact is simple: the story they are reporting on is not a story at all but a series of emotions designed to elicit a response of the reader in favor of imported labor.  The New York Times article has been written in support of an argument that is a lie.  A lie that supports globalism at the expense of the American citizen.  Questioning the high overheads of entire economic sectors will reveal the costs of onerous regulations in some industries (like the carnival mentioned) and the upward movement of profit into investors’ hands in others.


The article attempts to pull at our heart-strings and asks us to consider a town in a foreign country that is having a problem sending 4,600 – 6,000 of its workers into the United States.  Workers that would send $300 a week back to a foreign country.  In 2015, foreign workers sent $582 billion out of the United States economy (which isn’t mentioned either) with countries planning these remittances into their annual budgets.  Meaning that in 2015, the U.S. handed out $582 billion directly from American workers and communities to support foreign workers.  This money didn’t come out of the Federal budget but out of the wages Americans are paid.


These types of articles are nothing more than propaganda.  Coming from supposed ‘venerated’ institutions that have woven themselves into the fabric of American society, they work as a mouthpiece for Globalists seeking to line their pockets at the expense of U.S. citizens.  There is no “labor shortage” but there are jobs that employers can pay foreign workers to do for less money than a U.S. citizen would consider a “living wage”.


It’s clear that the Establishment media just does not care about the American worker.



Picture used courtesy: By Haxorjoe – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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